When you receive certification from Sustainable Travel Ireland, you are being certified to globally recognised standards.

Sustainable Travel Ireland certification is designed for all sectors of the tourism industry, including hotels, tour operators, activities, attractions, restaurants and more.

Sustainable Travel Ireland certification assures tourists that your business is committed to sustainable practices. It means your business has met the minimum global requirements set out by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). This certification guarantees a balance between a business, the society it operates in and the environment we all depend on.

The GSTC is a United Nations initiated council which sets the baseline standards for sustainable tourism and travel.

Sustainable Travel Ireland certification uses external auditors and an assessment committee to determine certification results. This allows for clear transparency within our process.

Read more about transparency and independence here.

Certification Can be Awarded at Three Levels


These Sustainable Travel Ireland approved businesses/products are somewhat low-impact,* and may address a number of environmental and social issues in their operation.

The business/product will provide at least basic interpretation for guests and make some business choices based on environmental and social responsibility.

These businesses have undertaken training in all practices and implemented several environmentally sustainable practices and ecotourism policies.

These Sustainable Travel Ireland approved businesses have had an on-site assessment which verified that they have received 50-64% of the available points.


These Sustainable Travel Ireland approved businesses/products are highly environmentally and socio-culturally responsible.

They are continuously working to better their operations, enhance their sustainable travel practices and provide a more in-depth interpretation of the natural world.

The managers of these businesses are knowledgeable about the environmental/social issues related to their business, and they are working to become industry leaders.

These Sustainable Travel Ireland approved businesses have had an on-site assessment which verified that they have received 65-84% of the available points.


These Sustainable Travel Ireland approved businesses are at the forefront of the industry.

They are dedicated to sustainable and responsible tourism practices, creating unforgettable experiences for their customers while minimising negative impacts and maximising benefits to environments, communities and the economy. They are striving to be environmentally innovative and socially responsible. They will invest both time and money to maintain positive ecotourism practices.

These Sustainable Travel Ireland approved businesses have had an on-site assessment, which verified that they have received 85-100% of the available points.

Benefits Of Being A Certified Member

An internationally recognised label to market and communicate

When you become a certified member, you will receive a Sustainable Travel Ireland ‘Certified’ logo (Gold/Silver/Bronze according to level attained) to communicate to your customers. This label will be invaluable for your B2B sales as your customers can see clearly that you have been independently audited. It will also benefit your business when marketing B2C.

Searchable listing on our members' list

Once your business has been certified, your logo will be listed on our member list alongside a bio and a live link to your website.

Access to members' forum

By becoming certified by Sustainable Travel Ireland you become part of a growing community among Irish tourism businesses. We encourage businesses to share ideas, challenges and successes via our online forums.

Discounted conference tickets - 25%

How do I apply?

To become Sustainable Travel Ireland certified you must first become a member.

Find out more about why you should get certified and our process