Lough Mardal Lodge

Sustainable Travel Ireland Intermediate Member 2022 badge

Lough Mardal Lodge ideally situated on a lakeside setting immersed in nature and surrounded by beautiful scenery offering  tranquility and comfort.

‘At Lough Mardal Lodge our core values are providing a high-end, quality holiday experience as sustainably as possible respecting the natural environment, supporting our local community and in the process informing and demonstrating sustainable methods of building and living.

From the beginning we aimed to offer guests a beautiful and luxurious holiday destination which was thoughtfully, sustainably, and ethically designed and built from the ground up, in harmony with the natural surroundings. A place where shoulders drop on arrival and where guests can truly switch off and disconnect from the white noise of modern living.  A relaxing retreat built using (as much as possible) natural materials and products, sourcing local suppliers and adhering to sustainable practices and principles. We hoped to offer an experience which maybe ignites a spark, a re-evaluation of where one is at on their own sustainability journey and perhaps go home feeling awakened and inspired and having something to talk about.

We believe in sustainable travel which informs our mission to provide a unique family-friendly holiday experience for the conscientious traveller who is increasingly looking for something a little bit different. Our 5 Yurts and Shepherd’s Hut are luxuriously furnished and individually styled to ensure 5 star hotel comfort in a wild and rustic natural setting. We seek out local suppliers and producers to enhance the guest experience – beautiful hand-woven blankets from Studio Donegal, Donegal tweed curtains from Magees and sheepskin rugs from Campbells of Ardara. A large round timber-frame strawbale ecobuilding with a grass roof houses all the guest amenities. We encourage both domestic and international holidaymakers to South Donegal, to visit a setting of outstanding natural beauty and promote all the vast and varied activities and sights the region has to offer. The region offers a fusion of nature and culture set against a backdrop of beautiful wild Donegal countryside. We hope our accommodation offers something for everyone; something original and unique, a sustainable alternative to a conventional getaway, a return to nature and the great outdoors. We seek to offer guests an other-worldly and immersive escape where little details make big impressions and provide an experience which promotes personal tranquillity and a sense of well-being. As individuals with a ‘grá’ (love) for nature we feel passionately about our natural environment. It is our hope that someday ecotourism will simply become standard tourism.  We respect that everyone is at a different stage on their path towards becoming more eco-friendly and we try to inspire change and motivate guests to continue on their journey.

At Lough Mardal Lodge we are aware that our business activities impact upon the environment and we are committed to alleviating those negative impacts as set out in our sustainability policy here.’