Slieve Elva B&B

Slieve Elva B&B recognises its responsibility to respect the natural environment and is committed to achieving environmental best practice, where practically possible throughout its business activity. They continually seek ways to conserve and protect natural resources, to minimise wastage of raw materials and energy, whilst providing a consistent and quality product and service to their guests.

Here are just a couple of things Slieve Elva do:

  • Energy Conservation:
    • Use of Energy Saving bulbs and LED, including motion activated lighting
    • Encourage a “switch off policy” with staff and guests.
    • Individual room radiator thermostatic valves and timed heating.
    • Monitor our energy usage on a monthly basis.
    • Generating and exporting our own electricity through solar panels.
    • Planting of our first native apple trees to balance out our carbon footprint.
  • Reducing Waste Recycle/Re-use:
    • No individual small single use toiletries.
    • Use recycled products wherever possible.
    • Move towards using environmentally friendly cleaning materials.
    • Make use of local food suppliers wherever possible, reducing food miles.
    • Homemade baking & other products to avoid harmful food additives:We make our own jams and spreads, jars are reused to minimize glass wastage.

You can learn more by following the link above to view their environmental section on their website.