Intermediate Membership

Becoming an Intermediate Member of Sustainable Travel Ireland affords your business the opportunity to display a meaningful label which communicates that you have begun your journey towards sustainability and potentially to full certification.

To achieve this label you must:

  • Create and publish a sustainability policy.
  • Adopted the UNWTO definition of Responsible Tourism into your policy.
  • Sign up to a CO2 offsetting scheme
  • Purchase and commit to completing all modules relevant to your business.


Click here to become a member today.


The Benefits of obtaining the Sustainable Travel Ireland label

A great label to be able communicate

By becoming an Intermediate Member, you will receive a Sustainable Travel Ireland ‘Intermediate Member’ logo to communicate to your customers. This can be used on your website and promotional material. Achieving this label shows you have committed to becoming sustainable and are actively engaged in training and are implementing changes throughout your business.

This label will also link to a page which explains to your customers what it means for your business to be an Intermediate member of Sustainable Travel Ireland.

Marketing Benefits

Utilise the label in your own marketing and be part of Sustainable Travel Ireland’s campaigns to promote Irish sustainable tourism providers at home and abroad.

Listing on our member list

Once an Intermediate member, your business name will be listed on our member list along with a link to your website.

Access to member forum

By becoming a member you become part of a growing community of Irish tourism businesses seeking to be more sustainable. We encourage businesses to work together, share ideas, challenges and successes via online forums.

Email support (during business hours)

Phone support (during business hours)

Discounted conference tickets - 25%

Learn more about our annual conference ‘Inspiring Sustainable Tourism’ here. As an intermediate member you can avail of a 25% discount on tickets.

*Start up businesses discount of 50% for their first 2 years.

To become a basic member you must agree to Sustainable Travel Ireland Terms and Conditions by doing this means you agree to Sustainable Travel Ireland Code of Conduct.