Introductory Membership

Introductory Membership: This membership is entry level and open to all tourism businesses. Sign-up today!

Once you have signed up as an Introductory Member, you will have access to a suite of free training courses. You can then work towards becoming an Intermediate Member or a Certified Member.

Benefits that are available to you with an Introductory Membership:

  • Access to a suit of online training modules and tools (over 20 online training courses)
  • Access to our group Carbon-Offset Scheme
  • Ability to progress to Intermediate Membership and earn your business a label
  • Featured on our Members List
  • Discounted Conference Tickets (Inspiring Sustainable Tourism)
  • Access to TOAST – our Training and Online Auditing System


To become a basic member you must agree to Sustainable Travel Ireland Terms and Conditions by doing this means you agree to Sustainable Travel Ireland Code of Conduct.