Introductory Membership

Introductory Membership –  This membership is entry level and open to all tourism businesses. This membership is currently free for your first 6 months. You can sign up below.

Once you have signed up as an Introductory Member and are actively participating in training, you can work towards becoming an Intermediate Member or a Certified Member.

Membership Packages and Pricing

Introductory online training (Including course 1: Introduction to Sustainable Tourism & course 2: Sustainable Management System)

Access to our group carbon-offset scheme

Access to a suite of online training modules and tools

Criteria booklet based on your business type (e.g. accommodation/tour operator/ecotourism)

Option to progress to Intermediate membership

Listing on our members' list

Access to members' forum

Discounted conference tickets (Inspiring Sustainable Tourism)


Small Business
(1-10 Full Time Employees)

€120  + VAT 


Medium Business
(11-20 Full Time Employees)

€150 + VAT


Large Business
(21-50) Full Time Employees)

€200 + VAT


Corporate Business
(51+ Full Time Employees)

€300 + VAT


*All our membership packages are subject to VAT at 23%. VAT will be added to your bill at time of payment.

*Start up businesses discount of 50% for their first 2 years.

To become a basic member you must agree to Sustainable Travel Ireland Terms and Conditions by doing this means you agree to Sustainable Travel Ireland Code of Conduct.