We realise that every organisation is different in terms of type of business, products, size, resources and also how advanced they are in the field of Sustainable Tourism. That is why we offer three levels of membership.

Introductory Membership –  This membership is entry level and open to all tourism businesses. This membership is currently free for your first 6 months. You can sign up here. (all businessses must begin at this level!)

Intermediate Membership – Find out what you need to achieve this here.

Certified Membership – Independently audited certification to a global standard, this is the blue ribbon level that we encourage all members to aspire to. Find out more about Certification here.

Our membership is designed to be accessible, relevant and useful to all Irish tourism businesses, from small nature-based operators to large, urban attractions and hotels.

As a member of Sustainable Travel Ireland, you will have the opportunity to access a fully comprehensive programme of online training. The first two courses are free. After this courses are priced at €35 + VAT.

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