Certified Membership

Certification is the highest level of membership. Certification from Sustainable Travel Ireland is ideal for businesses looking for a stronger, globally recognised label to communicate their sustainability journey.

To become a certified member of Sustainable Travel Ireland you must first complete an onsite audit.

You can learn more about certification and the process to becoming certified here.


Benefits of Certification

An internationally recognised label to market and communicate

Being a certified member you will get a Sustainable Travel Ireland ‘Certified’ logo (Gold/Silver/Bronze according to level attained) to communicate to your customers. This label will be invaluable for your B2B sales as your customers can see clearly that you have been independently audited. It will also benefit your business when marketing B2C.

Listing on our member list

Certified member listings on our member list include your company name, bio, website link and a video and/or photo.

Access to members' forum

By becoming certified by Sustainable Travel Ireland you become part of a growing community of sustainable Irish tourism businesses. We encourage businesses to share ideas, challenges and successes via online forums.

Email support

Phone support

Video support

2 free pre-audit submission reviews (Document review is required pre-audit)

Discounted conference tickets - 25%

Annual Cost of Certified Membership

Membership cost's are annual. Please note audit fee's are seperate and required every 2 years.

Size Of Business Annual Membership Cost
Small Business
(1-10 Full Time Employees)


Medium Business
(11-20 Full Time Employees)


Large Business
(21-50) Full Time Employees)


Corporate Business
(51+ Full Time Employees)


*Start up businesses discount of 50% for their first 2 years.

To become a basic member you must agree to Sustainable Travel Ireland Terms and Conditions by doing this means you agree to Sustainable Travel Ireland Code of Conduct.