Rookie Membership

Sustainable Travel Ireland Rookie membership is the entry-level membership for all businesses. This is the call-to-action to empower your business and get you started on your sustainable tourism journey.

There are three packages (essential, super & platinum) available as a Rookie member. Read more below for what is included in each and find the one most suited to your needs.

Once a Rookie member of Sustainable Travel Ireland you can  work towards becoming an Intermediate member or a Certified member. Any pre-membership achievements regarding sustainability in your business will simply accelerate this journey.

Membership Packages and Pricing

Essential Super Platinum
Criteria booklet based on your business type (e.g Accommodation/Tour Operator/Ecotourism)

Criteria workbook to aid you in your journey to certification (workbook launching March 2020)

Introductory online training

Suite of online training modules and tools (module one launching 9 March 2020 with new modules added weekly)

A 'Rookie Member' label to communicate you are engaged in Sustainable training

Listing on our members' list

Free document submission review (document review required for progression through membership levels)


Access to members' forum

Video support

Phone support

Email support

Discounted conference tickets (Inspiring Sustainable Tourism)




Essential Super Platinum
Small Business
(1-10 Full Time Employees)




Essential Super Platinum
Medium Business
(11-20 Full Time Employees)




Essential Super Platinum
Large Business
(21-50) Full Time Employees)




Essential Super Platinum
Corporate Business
(51+ Full Time Employees)




*We understand it can be hard for start up businesses to get involved in programmes like Sustainable Travel Ireland, that’s why we offer a 50% discount on all memberships to start up businesses in their first 2 years. If you are a start-up business looking to get involved Contact us for more information.

*Start up businesses discount of 50% for their first 2 years.

To become a basic member you must agree to Sustainable Travel Ireland Terms and Conditions by doing this means you agree to Sustainable Travel Ireland Code of Conduct.