Imke Range

Imke Range is a sustainable tourism professional with an impressive and fully rounded range of international experience. Her resume includes working for the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Tourism at Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand. She was also involved in writing the responsible tourism guidelines and policies for the sustainable tourism start-up Airguides and in the development of the resource management start-up My Green Butler. In addition, Imke managed an award-winning luxury eco-lodge in NSW, Australia, worked on the development of an eco-tourism project plan for the Al Marmoom Nature Reserve in Dubai with the Centre for Responsible Tourism Australia and conducted training and research in rural communities in Cyprus, the Netherlands, Kenya and the Philippines, among others. Complementing her sustainability credentials, Imke has also worked in reservations at Marriot International and in customer support with AirBnB (Voxpro).

Imke’s practical experience is underpinned with strong academic foundations. She holds an MSc with distinction in Responsible Tourism Management from Leeds Beckett University, UK, and a Bachelors in Regional Development and Innovations from VHL/Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Imke’s master’s thesis focused on eco-innovations in Ireland and Germany and involved interviewing accommodation providers in both countries about their sustainability practices.

With all this great knowledge and experience, Sustainable Travel Ireland was delighted to welcome Imke to the team in August 2021 where she creates hands-on training that blends practical application and know-how with motivation and inspiration. When she’s not dreaming up new ways to share her sustainability knowledge, Imke enjoys yoga, surfing and throwing little dinner parties with friends.

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