When you work with Sustainable Travel Ireland, every step of your membership and training journey will align to the optional step of certification.

Sustainable Travel Ireland is Ireland’s leading, globally recognised certification body for sustainable tourism. We have been training tourism businesses for over 10 years.

We believe that the best learning experiences are where the training you get is easily digested. This is why we deliver our training in a variety of ways.

Training with Sustainable Travel Ireland gives you the knowledge and confidence to create change in your business while, at the same time, increasing consumer satisfaction. Both your B2B and B2C business will benefit from being ahead of the game in terms of sustainability.

Training Courses

1. Introduction to Sustainable Tourism

This course will equip you with the foundation knowledge you need to create a Sustainable Tourism policy for your business and to achieve relevant criteria requirements for the certification process.

2. Building A Sustainability Management System

This course will aid you to develop a systematic method of benchmarking and measuring progress that works for your business. You will learn what you need to measure and how (this includes all aspects below).

3. Community Support & Stakeholder Engagement

This course will look at the community as stakeholders, cultural authenticity and staff engagement.

4. Customer Experience & Education

This course will give you the tools to gain a better understanding of your customers needs and desires while  monitoring their experience.

5. Effective & Responsible Marketing

In this course you will learn the importance of responsible marketing. You will also learn how to develop a responsible marketing plan, taking into account post-certification action plans.

6. The Opportunities Linked With Becoming Sustainable

In this course, you will learn about the opportunities that arise from becoming sustainable. This course will help you identify and analyse opportunities from a range of categories including environmental and social.

7. Creating A Procurement Policy

This course will aid you to develop a purchasing policy through using labels as purchasing tools. It will look at purchasing power both locally and internationally and transparency and aspirations vs realities.

8. Creating A Plastic Management Strategy

This course will give you the knowledge to create your very own plastics management strategy, while understanding the importance of reducing single-use plastics in your business.

9. Food Waste Management

This course will give you the tools, knowledge and inspiration you need to start measuring and managing food waste within your business. This course will focus on Measuring, Preventing and Managing food waste.

10. Biodiversity & Conservation

In this course you will look at the importance of giving time and funds to conserving biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes. You will look at product design, stakeholder engagement and adapting minimal-impact practices.

11. Waste Management

This course will focus on the whys and how’s of reducing, reusing and recycling.


12. Carbon Offsetting

In this course you will learn the importance of pollution management focusing on minimising emissions and offsetting your carbon, chemical pollutants as well as air & light pollution.

13. Energy Management

In this course you will focus on the whys and how’s of using renewable energy sources and technologies.

14. Water Management

In this course you will focus on water conservation and the how to and why of conserving water.

15. Green Leader Assessment

This assessment is designed for green leaders, sustainability coordinators and your entire green team. Successfully complete our Green Leader Assessment to receive your personal certificate in sustainability. The assessment focuses on all areas of sustainability and can be completed by anyone or all of your green team.

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