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At Sustainable Travel Ireland we offer an array of online training courses.

All of our online training courses are available to our  members.

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Benefits of Online Training


Online training allows participants to work around busy schedules, putting them in control. With Sustainable Travel Ireland eLearning, you don’t have to follow a specific course plan. This means training can fit into any schedule, making it both convenient and time-saving. The level of accessibility means you can can easily immerse in the experience.


If you undertake online training, you can still contact us with any questions you may have. Because you can access our online learning from pretty much any device (desktop, tablet, smartphone etc), it means you will never be too far away from support and the required information.

3.Increases Information Retention

Sustainable Travel Ireland’s online training helps participants to remember a greater deal of information by using attractive images, interactive scenes, video clips and animations. Where appropriate, we provide real life case studies/examples to give deeper understanding. Our online training course gives you the ability to learn at your own pace and on your own terms. Ultimately, this will increase  the information you retain.

4. Community

It’s not just through social media or networking events that we grow as a community. Our eLearning platform provides a forum for participants to engage, discuss problems, share ideas and stories, and more. We encourage all our members to participate.

5.You Don’t Need to Travel

We understand how busy you are. Eliminating the need to travel to training days not only saves time and money but is a sustainable decision. So even if your business is in a remote area or you struggle to find time to travel, you can still have access to our highly rated training.

6.Cost-saving Option

Online learning is a more affordable option that can make your training budget go a lot further. Aside from saving money within your training budget, online learning also allows you to reinforce your learning on a regular basis, making it more effective than irregular training days.


When you participate in Sustainable Travel Ireland online training you are constantly working towards certification. Online training sets clear, attainable goals to work towards, continuously showing you how far you have come. Online training makes the path to certification as simple and straightforward as possible.

What is Covered?

You can find an overview of our training modules here.


Courses are priced individually. We offer our first two courses, introduction to sustainable tourism and sustainability management system FREE OF CHARGE to all our members!


Online training is currently only offered to members of Sustainable Travel Ireland. You can learn more about becoming a member here.

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